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The Bujinkan system consists of 9 schools of Japanese Martial Arts. Six of these are considered Samurai schools, whilst three are attributed to Ninja/Shinobi. Collectively they are known as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.
The core principles of the Bujinkan rely on such concepts as balance, timing and distance, along with deception, un-orthodox thinking, and flexibility in regard to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is these types of principles that make it possible for less physical individuals to survive attacks from larger, stronger, and more aggressive opponents, even if they are armed. Read more 

Ninjustsu/Bujinkan Classes in London


When and where

Battersea Park, London

Mondays & Wednesdays 7.30-9.30PM (All Levels)

Thursdays 7.30-9.00PM (Beginners Only during Spring/Summer)


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Price/ Offers

£15 pay as you go

£100 for 10 sessions*

or £60 for 5 sessions*

Yondan & above £5

Ninjustu Seminars

Check out for future Ninjutsu seminars around London. Next to come: Noguchi Seminar, Epsom, 2022 15 October – 16 October

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Paul S
I have done 30 years karate and trained in other styles, but feel taijutsu had all the tools to be a complete martial art that the others did not. In my everyday job I experience confrontation and I use Taijutsu techniques to restrain offenders. I have also been attacked in the street in a real life incident where the assailant told me he wanted to take my life; taijutsu played a big part in this scenario and I was able to walk away unscathed. I have made some good friends and traveled to many places thanks to training. It’s great!
Paul S
Joe Cheung
I started studying Taijutsu in 2014. I formerly studied krav maga and a little bit of Brazilian Jujitsu, but after a series of major/minor injuries, sustained in martial arts, I was looking for something that had real depth, was proven and would keep me in shape while staying injury free. I found this in the form of my teacher Fane Hervey and Tajutsu! I cannot recommend it more highly!
Joe Cheung
Aurora E
I was nothing of a fit person when I started the classes. I was just the type of person who hates the gyms, knew I had to take up some form of sport and wanted to join a group, not just work by myself. I met some wonderful people that I consider friends now, after not even half a year and overall feel much better.
Aurora E
I had tried other martial arts but taijutsu was the one that made everything fall into place.
It improves timing, balance, focus and crosses into all areas of life. From the way you move to the way you think and feel.
Taijutsu wakes up your body, mind and spirit.
Not only to protect yourself but your friends and enemies lives as well!
As with many of my students, I have trained in many different styles of martial arts. However, one of the reasons I settled on Taijutsu is because it is an integrative system that allows the individual to explore their physical intelligence naturally, whilst greatly benefiting the body, not deteriorating it as is the case with many sports based martial arts. Plus it’s a helluva lot of fun!!!
Of all the martial arts I have studied, Taijutsu by its very nature attains the doctrine of “no ego”, which is a vital ingredient for avoiding conflict, combined with the physicality of safely rolling, falling and evasive movements, I believe makes Taijutsu A great art for surviving, not just defending oneself.


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