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Kacem Zoughari – Ninjutsu/Bujinkan Seminar – Hemel Hempstead School, 21st-23rd February 2020


When: 21st-23rd February 2020, Friday 7:30-9pm, Saturday 1-7pm, Sunday 9am-2pm.

Where: Hemel Hempstead School, Heath Lane,Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1TX.

Theme: Kukishinden Ryu, Happo Biken, Shoto and Jojutsu.

Price: Friday only: £20, Saturday & Sunday: £100, 1 day: £65, Early bird price £100 for all. Contact Bujinkan Seijutsu Dojo on Facebook for further details.

Eurotactical – 3 Day Firearms Workshop – Brittany, France 14th-16th May 2020


When: 14th-16th May 2020, Travel out on 13th, return on 17th.

Where: Eurotactical Firing Range, Brittany, France. More info can be found at:

Theme: Pistol & Carbine training in live firing accuracy and tactical use.

Price: 3 days training (equipment and ammunition included), 4 nights accommodation and lunch: £855. Numbers severely limited, please contact us for more information.

Kacem Zoughari – Ninjutsu/Bujinkan Seminar – Harris Academy Battersea, 22nd-24th May 2020


When: 22nd-24th May 2020, Friday 6-9:30pm, Saturday 12:30-7pm, Sunday 9am-3pm.

Where: Harris Academy Battersea, 401 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 5AP.

Theme: Shinken-jutsu, Hanbo and Tanto.

Price: Friday only: £35, Saturday & Sunday: £120, 1 day: £65, All 3 sessions: £150. Early bird price £120 for all. Contact us for more details.

Kacem Zoughari – Ninjutsu/Bujinkan Seminar – Brandon, Norfolk, 17th-19th July 2020


When: 17th-19th July 2020.

Where: Brandon, Norfolk.

Theme: TBC.

Price: TBC.

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