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Joining the Ninjutsu classes is easy. Just fill out the form below and we will give you a call back as soon as we can. We just want to have a chat with you to ascertain whether you are the right person to join our club, and likewise if our club is right for you.

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Before you start

We do have one stipulation: “If you can’t laugh; you can’t train!” Keeping a sense of humour whilst training is vitally important: we don’t want anyone taking themselves too seriously!

Your personal state of health and fitness does not need to be of a high standard to attend classes: many students begin in a poor state of fitness, but over time they improve due to regular training. Nor does it matter your race or gender: We have a variety of ethnicity and gender in our classes and we respect all religious and cultural beliefs. However, you must be 16 years old, or older, to take part on your own.

If accepted into the club, you will need to pay for yearly insurance (£20) and Bujinkan Membership (Approximately £10 – it has to be paid in Japanese yen to the Bujinkan Headquarters in Noda, Japan).
The only other expenses are optional:

Gi (Training uniform including jacket, trousers and white belt) £36 for a basic black gi.
Training Weapons (These are used regularly within the class and normally students accumalate them as they progress) example prices: Bokken Sword £11, Bo Staff £16, Tanto Knife £6, etc…

These all last a very long time, and do not need to be replaced very often, if at all.
Kyu Ranks up to 1st Dan are £20. You start at 10th Kyu and will work your way up to 1st Kyu before 1st Dan. This takes 3-5 years to normally achieve. Godan (5th Dan), which is the rank of instructor normally takes an additional 5 years to achieve after your first Dan grade.

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