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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu AKA Ninjutsu

The Bujinkan system consists of 9 schools of Japanese Martial Arts.  Six of these are considered Samurai schools, whilst three are attributed to Ninja/Shinobi. Collectively they are known as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.
The core principles of the Bujinkan rely on such concepts as balance, timing and distance, along with deception, un-orthodox thinking, and flexibility in regard to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is these types of principles that make it possible for less physical individuals to survive attacks from larger, stronger, and more aggressive opponents, even if they are armed. There is no longer the reliance on physicial speed, strength or power to overcome a dangerous attacker.
The schools that make up the Bujinkan are as follows:

Bujinkan Schools

Ninjutsu – 34th Generation

Methods of attacking the muscles – 28th Generation

Samurai battlefield jujutsu- 28th Generation

Methods of natural movement – 26th Generation

Ninjutsu – 24th Generation

Methods of attacking the bones & joints – 19th Generation

Methods of attacking the bones & joints – 18th Generation

Samurai/pirate jujutsu – 17th Generation

Ninjutsu – 14th Generation

The schools were inherited by the current Grandmaster of the Bujinkan: Masaaki Hatsumi from his teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu in 1972. Each one is a complete martial art on its own, and all our unique from one another, and yet all are interchangeable and the same in many ways. This gives the student of the Bujinkan a large quantity of source material to draw from when learning Budo (Japanese martial arts).

Our instructors regularly travel to Japan to train with Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his top students, such as Ishizuka Sensei & Dr. Kacem Zoughari.

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